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(Healing & Victory Through Jesus Christ)

Genuine VICTORY OVER DEPRESSION Must Be A Deep Experience Within

Victory Over Depression does not occur by simply praying, reading the Bible, saying positive Scriptures, or doing Christian things.  The reason is because the Victory (Jesus Christ) is to go to the deepest core of the human heart.  All the above things help, but the real issue is at the core of the human spirit – – A Deeply Wounded, Broken Heart.

The specifics of the Victory Over Depression is absorbing the reality of CHRIST IN YOU on a daily basis.

Lately I am meeting many Christians who are weary, weighed down, and almost want to throw in the towel.  Depression is an accurate description.  I notice that they embrace the truth I share of CHRIST IN YOU as their daily victory.  Yet, few realize that the experience must get to the root of the broken heart.  I believe the deep pain causes many not to go there.  They want to, but can not handle all that pain all at once.  I can relate.  It took me a long time.

One cannot be forced where one does not want to or is not ready to go.  If they are forced, the results will the person is a worse state of mind.  So they sort of turn away and stay on the surface.  No victory will come for the heart is still broken.  Sadly, many still turn away and cover up their broken hurt.  They are fooling nobody but themselves.

However, I do encourage anyone relating to this that because you believe Jesus is your Daily Victory, you must push forward letting Jesus get to the core of your heart.  That is where the true freedom and victory is – CHRIST IN YOU.  You don’t go it alone.  Jesus is always with you, but He wants access to those areas that hurt too much.  Only the Holy Spirit can show you what they are.

It’s painful, but necessary.  It become very rewarding.  This is your walk of the cross to Calvary.  It is also called “dying to self.”  Calvary represents death.  That is why it is so painful.  The joy comes in experiencing the victory and joy of the resurrection – the life of Jesus in you.

I share this from first-hand experience.  Jesus does more than heal the deeply, wounded broken heart.  He gives you a brand new heart – His very own.  Those I have seen embrace this are beginning to see this freedom.  They know its painful, but they know Calvary is the only road to gain the Victory.  They will soon have many consistent victories into their life because their primary focus everyday in more on CHRIST IN THEM.

Keep going for it.

Focus on JESUS LIVING IN YOU 24/7.

He goes through it with you.  He will heal your broken heart, but He will not force Himself to.  He loves you so much that He leaves the choice when you are ready to you.

Don’t turn away though.  It will become more burdensome for you.


First, you must ensure that Jesus is your personal Lord & Savior.  You must ensure that you are dead in sin and accept His sacrificial death on the cross in your place.  You must ensure your belief that Jesus rose from the dead and now wants to impart eternal life on anyone who desires.  If this is you, I recommend you do it now.  Speak to Him from your heart.  He will listen.  Believe in faith that He is now your personal Lord & Savior.  Believe in faith He he has now taken up residence in you.


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