Victory Over Depression Blog

(Healing & Victory Through Jesus Christ)

Who Is Victory Over Depression? Who Is Victory Over Everything?

That’s right.  It’s not “What is Victory Over Depression?” It’s “Who Is?”

The Who is none other than JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF.


You see:

1) When you give your life to Jesus Christ & accept Him as Lord & Savior, you tell God that you want to start life all over again.  This time you want to have Jesus as the center of every area of your life.

2) When you accept Jesus’ death on the cross for all your sins, God wipes the slate clean in your relationship with Him.  Nothing can now separate you from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

3) When you accept Jesus’ resurrection as your life, you permit God to come take up residence in you.  God raises you to a new life in Christ.  Jesus Himself actually becomes your new life.  And guess what?  Jesus has NO intention of ever leaving.  He now desires deeper relationship with you and want to be given access to every area of your life – especially the painful areas of your heart.


You can then ask:

How can Jesus be my Victory Over Depression?

How can Jesus be my Victory Over Everything?

Very simple:

By taking up residence in your heart, Jesus has given you A NEW LIFE.  You are now A NEW CREATION.  You have A NEW BEGINNING.  Everything is NEW.  When God says everything is new, He means that JESUS IN YOU is what is new.  So everything now in your life centering as Jesus as the source becomes new.

That is why when God the Father sees you, HE SEES JESUS IN YOU.  He sees His Son.

That is why it is critical and necessary for you to see the same.  Do you see Jesus in you as  your new life?  As the way the Father sees Him?

Your old life – depression, sin, & all its consequences – are all dead in God’s eyes.  That’s what occurred on the cross.   Jesus then buried them in His tomb.  When He rose from the dead, He left them there.  YOU MUST ABSORB THIS AS THE TRUTH.  Absorb it deeply into your spirit.


To consistently see this, takes time.  Keep your heart open so the Holy Spirit can minister every day the depths of this riches. I assure you this is the victory I have been walking in since 1996.  CHRIST IN ME LIVING HIS LIFE THROUGH ME.  That’s all I will give you is Jesus Christ.  (I am born again 33 years, and had severe depression since childhood – even 17 years as a born again Christian.)

So when you see me, you are to see Jesus in me.  I pray I am successful.

Keep at it.  Focus on Jesus in you.


Have you ever given your life to Jesus Christ?
Think about it. Now is the time.


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