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GENUINE, SIMPLE Victory Over Depression – CHRIST IN YOU

I am writing this blog as a result of the many depressed Christians I meet or speak to that have difficulty grasping the reality of the simple victory that Jesus has already provided.

As someone who suffered with clinical depression for many decades, I know what I will share WORKS.

First, I advocate the use of medicine, doctors, and any type of treatment that will assist a depressed person function and be healthy.  This is especially true if one has a chemical imbalance or is bipolar or any other type of medical condition.

The trap occurs when one uses their treatment more like a band-aid instead of letting God get to the root of their depression – the healing of the broken heart.

This is why I now share the specific reason why there is Victory Over Depression.

I was severely depressed for decades, since childhood.  17 of those years were even as a born again Christian.  For the last 16 years, I have been walking in the Victory Over Depression simply by letting the Holy Spirit renew my mind (Romans 12:1-2) to see myself the way God sees me.

Think about it.  Jesus crucified depression and all its consequences on the cross.  He buried it in His tomb and left it there when He rose from the dead.


It does not get much simpler than that.  When God the Father sees you, He does not see depression or a loser.  HE SEES JESUS IN YOU.  HE SEES HIS CHILD. 

So stop seeing yourself the way God does not see you. 

God heals the broken heart by giving you a new heart – HIS VERY OWN – CHRIST IN YOU.

God cannot help one who keeps looking at dead things.  Since He sees JESUS IN YOU, what is keeping you from consistently seeing JESUS IN YOU.

The victory of CHRIST IN YOU gets applied daily by faith.  I cannot make or say it any simpler.  DAILY, keep exposing yourselves and say (by faith) that CHRIST LIVES IN ME.   Do it in prayer.  Do it in reading His Word.  This is how my victory came.  Even though it took time,  I ASSURE YOU WILL HAVE THE VICTORY.  You mind will continuously be fixated on CHRIST IN YOU as your new life.

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One thought on “GENUINE, SIMPLE Victory Over Depression – CHRIST IN YOU

  1. Wow Bob. My wife has just started a women’s ministry and talks about this very thing. She has recently gotten victory over depression after years of struggle. She found her healing in Gods word seeking answers to her illness. Her ministry is for Christian women who are struggling with depression. I read her your blog post and she was so happy that someone else is giving voice to how to overcome this illness. Thanks for the encouragement today. Tricia’s ministry is called I-61 Ministries based on Isaiah 61. She’s got a Facebook page.


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