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DEPRESSED CHRISTIANS – A Wise Word For All People To Know

Christians who are experiencing severe depression MUST be handled very gently & tenderly.
They have been exposed to countless, negative abuse & circumstances over the majority of their lifetime.
Much of this abuse was directed specifically at them.
Much of this abuse was telling them they are worthless, good for nothing, will never amount to anything, & it would be better if they were never born.

Can you imagine living under that type of bondage for decades?  Often this abuse occurred from parents while they were growing up.  Imagine living in this environment as a child?

That’s why the sensitivity in dealing with depressed Christians must be adhered to.  Ministering to depressed Christians must make one aware how fragile they are.

That’s why simple one word answers or phrases DO NOT WORK.

Years of mental abuse will not change overnight.  Years of negative thoughts must be replaced with constant positive thoughts – especially WHO GOD SAYS THEY ARE.  The Bible calls it the “renewing of the mind” and ONLY the Holy Spirit can renew one’s mind so they can see life through God’s eyes.

That’s why it takes time.  Their recovery & healing cannot be rushed.

Depressed Christians need to be their worth through the eyes of Jesus Christ.  That’s the only way it will work.  JESUS IN THEM will do it.  Jesus will show them they are worth it, special, and never a mistake.

CHRIST IN YOU is what eventually freed me from many years of depression.  Jesus wants to root His love deeper into each person.  First though, the pain, scars, thorns, dirt, etc. must first be removed.  Then the love of Christ will flow out more naturally.

The Holy Spirit will mostly renew the mind of a depressed Christian through the Word of God.  That is a must for every depressed Christian to be reading and meditating every day – specifically the New Testament and the Gospels that show the personal, intimate love God has for them.

And to specifically see that JESUS LIVES IN YOU 24/7 & WILL NEVER LEAVE.

It takes time since it is a growth process.  Don’t rush your healing.  Be patient with yourself.  I am glad I can help in anyway possible.

CHRIST IN YOU is your solution & victory.

For those ministering and encouraging depressed Christians, just be there for them.  Pray for them.  Encourage them.  Don’t force immediate faith solutions on them.  Their deep pain cannot come out all at once.  Be a great friend to them to always be by their side.

At the same time, use wisdom.  Don’t enable depressed Christians.  Don’t let them take advantage of your goodness and help.  Instead, point them directly to Jesus and for them to be alone with Him in His Word.  The Holy Spirit must do the work in them.


If you have been blessed with this blog, please post it on your wall and other places.  There is so much freedom in Christ that people need to know.  The truths of CHRIST IN YOU in my blog are liberating to the core of the heart.  Thanks.

CHRIST IN YOU gives DAILY Victory Over Depression, Over EVERYTHING.


PS: Even though I wrote this blog about “depressed Christians,” the sensitivity must be understood for all depressed people.


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8 thoughts on “DEPRESSED CHRISTIANS – A Wise Word For All People To Know

  1. unfortunately, there are people of The Church who do not understand. And they make things worse for the already-depressed Christian…. “you must not be doing something right, you are praying wrong, your faith is not strong enough, etc, etc.”
    The one place where we should be able to get acceptance & help is oftenthe place who judges us the worst! Very sad!

  2. I agree healings are seldom all that fast.

  3. Bob
    I am sure glad you are addressing this crucial topic. For much of my childhood and adult years I was not validated by my family. My late dad affirmed me but he did not live long enough to see me graduate from high school. My mother went into survival mode and I lingered and lost out on finding any male mentors. My heart goes out to those who lost a parent early in life. After I heal I want God to use me to mentor abandoned youth. To this day my sisters have abandoned me for declaring my Christian faith. My wife is impatient about me healing and wants undivided attention. Thus our marriage is in serious trouble. I read the Bible most days and pray and talk to God multiple times a day praying for relief and asking for Him to let me know I am loved by Him.

    Blessings to you Bob and your family

    John Sheridan

  4. Thank u Bob for your encouraging words. God is speaking.

  5. Ola! Victoryoverdepression,
    Thanks for your thoughts, Just about every yr a whole lot more than 21 million Us residents, lots of of them Christians, are diagnosed with melancholy. If despair runs in your family tree, you have a bigger tendency to practical experience depression at some time in your daily life. Depression is primarily triggered by a crisis or loss in our lives. Anyone will get down every so often, but prolonged sadden begins to change the working of our minds and might possibly also set up a chemical unbalance in our brains.

  6. Thank you for posting this article ( and others) In the midst of the emptying process at present and it almost feels worse. But know that first a glass must be cleaned before one would add something new and good in it 🙂
    Thanks again

  7. What you said is true, I have felt more rejected, put down and treated like a leper by the people in the Church. I get more compassion from my pagan neighbors. I have a reputation for being a “problem” and I have received more rejection from the church than outside the church. It’s difficult to turn to Christ when you get nothing but hurt and rejection from the people who are supposed to be the most compassionate.

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