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CHRIST IN YOU – Be Patient For Your Victory

Permit me to encourage.
As someone who has suffered severe depression for decades, even 17 years as a Christian, the reality of CHRIST IN YOU is the most liberating message I have encountered.

The freedom and healing does not occur overnight.
It is a growth process that only the Holy Spirit can do.
There is so much garbage of pain, rejection, hurt, depression, no self-worth, etc. within us that Jesus can only deal gently and tenderly with us.
The Holy Spirit must remove those thorns of garbage gently.
Otherwise the thorns may open up the wound worse or open up more wounds.

I am delighted to share the truths of CHRIST IN YOU.
The Holy Spirit taught me this Himself, with no Christian friends that understood the depths of this victory.
Fortunately, there is an abundance of information available that brings one focused on CHRIST IN YOU.
To look up some, google Major Ian Thomas.

So be encouraged.  Don’t rush to be healed.  God knows how to grow you through it.
Keep though that focus on CHRIST IN YOU.
It WILL occur.


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One thought on “CHRIST IN YOU – Be Patient For Your Victory

  1. Sandra Whiteowl Paul on said:

    Thank you, I needed this! Sometimes I get impatient to become whole and never did understand why Creator Jesus didn’t remove it all instantly. I think I better understand now. thank you!

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