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Don’t Hold On. LET GO!!!!!

When you reach the end of your rope, DON’T HOLD ON.  LET GO!!!!!

It’s easy to say “Hold On” when you feel you are at the end of your rope.  When you can’t take circumstances any longer, it’s easy to give up.

In the world’s eyes, saying “Hold On” means “Don’t Give Up.”  However, when a Christian is told to “Hold Onto Jesus,” it really is not the way Jesus views things.

Should we hold onto Jesus” or “Is Jesus holding onto us?

That’s my point.  In our own willpower and in all sincerity, we can never hold onto Jesus especially for a long time.  We can sure try and things may get better for a short time.  However, in the long run, our willpower eventually leads to being controlled by our flesh, sin nature.  So we are doomed to failure.

That’s why: Jesus is ALWAYS holding onto us, even despite overwhelming trials and circumstances.

You let go so Jesus can live His life through you.

The “letting go” is admitting to God you cannot live life on your own.

You “let go” of the old, destructive life (symbolic of the rope) and you fall into the loving, caring arms of Jesus.

Jesus heals, restores, and give you a new life every day – His very own life in you.

Jesus takes over and begins to live His life through you.


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