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What Is Your Normal Christian Wilderness?

Every Christian has a Normal Wilderness Christian.  What is yours?

My prayer is you see the reality and can ACCEPT your own trials, sufferings, and temptations as part of your Normal Christian Wilderness.

I state “accept” because trials, sufferings, and temptations will occur.  That is a guarantee.  I only recommend that you permit the Holy Spirit to teach you the difference between unnecessary trials, sufferings, and crosses and those approved by God.  There sure is a significant difference.  I would be delighted if the Christian life would be easier.  But, the reality is the Christian life involves suffering.  I am quite sure you prefer to hear it “like it is” instead of a fantasy type of Christian life that all always goes well (with no suffering in this life) because Jesus died for our sins.

Actually, the “all always goes well” depends on how you view it – either through your eyes or God’s eyes.  Through our eyes, we know how shallow this lasts, how superficial it is.  Through God’s eyes, it certainly always goes well as His love roots into us more and more.  He grows us through our trials.  That is why the Christian walk is the painful road of Calvary – a walk of death to the things that keep us from Him.

As the apostle Paul writes in Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.”  Yes, Calvary is a walk of death, but the joy of the resurrection waits beyond the cross.  Glory to His Glorious Name!

The significant difference is we must always view our life through God’s eyes.  As any loving parent, our Father definitely knows what is best for us, His children.  Therefore, our Father consistently prunes us for our better.  He truly desires to be glorified through us.  This is why pruning is necessary.  See beyond your pain and your darkness to Jesus.  You must see it this way – for this is how Jesus sees it.  Otherwise, you will miss the importance of God pruning you and, instead, will react like Satan is tempting or tormenting you.  And your “normal” Christian Wilderness will become an “abnormal” one.  Again, only the Holy Spirit can reveal to you the depths of your own personal walk and trials.

Be convinced also that in the Normal Christian Wilderness, God does not leave us on our own during our trials, sufferings, and temptations.  He imbeds in us a deeper sense of joy, peace, love, and confidence that He is always with us.  I assure you that this love and joy is God’s desire for you to experience daily.  For the last 15 years, this has been my personal joy to experience and grow into His love.  Jesus is well worth it.  That is why it is critical and a necessity to bring the person of Jesus into the midst of all your trials.

That, my dear friend, is the Normal Christian Wilderness:

  • To have a true, heart peace in Jesus under severe trials and sufferings.
  • To enjoy His love on a daily basis.
  • To neither deny nor ignore trials and sufferings.
  • To rejoice in our trials and sufferings as we focus on God pruning us.
  • To praise God in the midst of them.
  • To face the reality of life as it really is – not to live in a fantasy world.
  • To understand God-approved crosses and man-made ones.
  • To use God’s wisdom to know the difference.

This is very real, brethren.  To experience Jesus daily on a personal level is the highest fulfillment in life.  You can’t get better than Jesus.  This is the Normal Christian Wilderness that is God’s will.  When you are touched by the personal love of Jesus, you are so deeply moved to love Jesus back.  Just imagine experiencing this personal love frequently throughout each day.  Amen!  You will not desire anything less than Jesus.  Why should you?

Psalm 37:4 “Delight thyself also in the Lord; and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart.”  I assure you that when you begin experiencing “delighting yourself in the Lord,” the Lord Himself will become the only desire of your heart.  Amen!

Grasp that experiencing Jesus and His love consistently on a daily basis is one of God’s deepest desires for you.  In God’s eyes, this is very, very normal.  Don’t permit Satan to convince you it is not.  Satan only speaks lies (John 8:44).  Jesus loves you so much.  He really does.  He loves you so very, very deeply – more than all our combined thoughts can ever imagine.

The sad part is many Christians do not experience this.  They have believed Satan’s lies.  They are experiencing the “abnormal” Christian Wilderness.  Thus, they limit the love of Jesus in their own personal experience, and more importantly, the love of Jesus is rarely ever expressed through them to a needy, hurtful, and sinful world.  The only true, genuine message a sin-sick world needs is the pure and intimate love of Jesus.  Jesus has chosen His body (us) to share this love.  What a privilege!

I pray you do not miss the love of Jesus within you.  He eagerly and passionately knocks on the door of your heart everyday to fellowship intimately with you.  Do you hear the knock?  Do you passionately desire to fellowship intimately with Him?  Do you look forward to this familiar knock (within your heart) frequently throughout your day?  Do you anticipate this knock before you arise in the morning so Jesus becomes your focus before you even begin your day?  I sure do.  Oops!  Excuse me!  I hear Him knocking at my door.

Praise His Glorious Name!  Praise Him in the midst of your Normal Christian Wilderness.  He joyously waits to embrace you there.


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