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CHRIST IN YOU & Current Events – The Correct Motive

Christian involvement in current events is challenging.  We must also remember the true nature of our identity and that, as our Lord stated, “My Kingdom is not of this world.”  Therefore, it is absolutely critical that we apply all this in the correct perspective.

I was one of those self-righteous Christians for a long time in the 1980’s.  Back then abortion was the big issue.  To be involved is not the issue.  It is always the motive behind the involvement that is critical if Jesus is to be lifted up.

The Christians involved in any issues (whether it be the “religious right” or not) all have very sincere motives for their involvement. However, the compassion and humility of Christ becomes swallowed up as they become more intense and involved is these issues.  It is difficult to see how it can happen.  It is even difficult to accept being part of it.  I myself refused to believe or accept that I was becoming hard-hearted, like a Pharisee.  I was sincere but I was SINCERELY WRONG; I neglected my first love.

You would be surprised if you asked unbelievers what they think a Christian is.  Many have told me they believe Christianity is a right-wing political party.  Incredible!  This is why it is essential to only see Christ in all our motives.

The love of Christ MUST first touch our heart.  Then, that love and ONLY that love must motivate to participate in current issues.  That love will be deeply rooted what we would not easily stray from our first love.  With His love as our motivation, then we respond with love, compassion, and humility.  The unbelieving world will definitely see Christ in us.

Let’s face it, the majority of the unsaved world sees Christians as hypocrites.  All they ever see is Christians judging and condemning the wrongs of the world.  Very little love and compassion is displayed.  They see Christians as miserable inside their heart, as real hypocrites.  Believe it well, the world sees right through the phoniness of man-made Christianity.  If they see this phoniness, why would they want to become one?

So the involvement in current events is not the issue.  It is the motive behind the involvement that is the issue.  Unfortunately, often Christians stray from their first love.

I share from first-hand experience in this issue.  I basically became a hard-hearted Pharisee.  (Funny isn’t it that Jesus mostly had arguments with the self-righteous religious of His earthly days?  It parallels today’s Christianity very well.)  These types of Christians are carnal Christians who have not truly entered into the pure love and grace and rest of Christ.  THERE ARE HEART ISSUES THAT GOD HIMSELF WANTS TO DEAL WITH AND THEY ARE AFRAID TO LET HIM.  So they cover it up with religious activity.

This is what occurred to me.  I had very severe depression for 17 years as a believer.  I covered myself up with religious activity so I could avoid my heart problems that God wanted to heal.  Fortunately, and believe me it was very painful, God removed all my props and systems of support that I hid behind.  I had to face my depression, fear, and insecurity alone and head on.  This was a time I could not hide anymore.  I withdrew from Christian ministry and sank deeper into depression.

I knew Christ was the only answer so He would have to prove it again.  For the next 3-4 years, my life was an emotional wreck.  I met NO believer who understood what I was going through.  I only had the Lord, and I thank Him I did.

He delivered me over that 3-4 year period that I now only see His love and mercy and grace as my motivation.  Jesus is my new life and I only desire people to see Jesus as God in me.  Nothing else matters.  Whatever issues I now become involved in, I only focus that His love motivates me to be involved.  Otherwise, I constantly intercede for these people and areas.  I truly thank Him for His mercy and grace.

One last thing to add.  To be healed of this severe depression was not instantaneous.  It was very long, very challenging and very painful.  But there is true life and joy in the end. The depression was worth every day of it.  I never desire to go through it again, but, as I look back, it truly was worth it.

Every believer MUST go through this type of growth.  The longer s (he) delays the longer will be the heart healing.  They will become like wilderness Christians walking around in circles in the desert – never making any progress in their Christian life.  Because life is in Canaan NOW and only Christ can be the Christian in them.  If they refuse, they will die in the wilderness and probably very absorbed in current issues with very limited love of Christ coming from them.

It truly involves dying to self so the resurrected life of Christ becomes real and experienced in my daily life.  John 12:24 (paraphrased) “Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains a grain of wheat.  If it does die, new life will be produced.”  As I heard someone state so well, “Jesus gave His life in death as a man in order to share His resurrected life as God in us NOW.”  There truly is no greater joy in life than to experience the life of God Himself flowing is us and through us.  This love is what the hurting world is to see, not the carnal Christians who are hiding their own pain.


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