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THE HOLY SPIRIT: Christ’s Life In You

Consider this: Jesus lives inside you right now in the form of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit becomes your best friend and counselor and comforter – God Himself.  He will  convict you of sin, so you can turn quickly to Christ.  He also will guide you into all truth (John 16:9,13).  And who is this truth?  Jesus, Himself, and His Word, of course.


John 8:31-32, 36 – “If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free….  If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.”

Jesus is the Living ‘WORD’.  Don’t miss Him as you read and pray scripture.  You need to experience the Living Word.  Only the Holy Spirit shows us meaning in the Word of God = the joy of knowing and experiencing the unconditional love of God.

That’s why your #1 priority in your Christian walk has to be your own personal, intimate  relationship with Christ.  Only the Holy Spirit teaches you of His love and His truth.  Only the depth of this personal relationship will carry you when life’s trials and storms hit.  Remember Christ is with you and in you.  That’s why it’s critical for your #1 desire to be spending quiet, intimate time with Him to foster this relationship.  In quietness and in stillness is the main way the Holy Spirit communicates with us.  (If this is not your top priority in your Christian walk, you need to re-examine your priorities so it does become.  Otherwise you are out of balance and probably on a ‘Christian works’ trip with limited love of Christ motivating you.)

We have been made priests unto God – to ‘Minister Unto the Lord’.  Our main role as a priest is to come into the presence of God, directly into the Holy of Holies – the throne itself.  We are only to sit in His presence and absorb Him and His love.  Sit quietly and focus wholly on His love.  Don’t say a word.  God loves you and only desires your presence.  Enjoy intimate fellowship with Him through the Word, music, etc.  Just enjoy Him.  And He will fill you consistently with His love.  Ministering Unto the Lord absolutely needs to be your #1 priority.  (God’s love then motivates you to go forth and share this love with others.)


When you are alone in the presence of God:

If you experience His personal love, that is God’s gift to you.

If you don’t experience His personal love, that is your gift to God.


In your personal, quiet time with Him, it is always best to listen more frequently than talk.  Listen to the Word.  That’s how our faith grows (Romans 10:17).  I’ve learned that we should do twice as much listening than talking.  That’s why God gave us two ears and one mouth.

More importantly though, when you do speak, tell the Lord OFTEN that you love Him.  He loves hearing that so much.  Never cease or become weary of telling Him.  After all, the world will know us as children of God only by our love for one another.  And that love first comes from Him.

The Bible is God’s personal love letter – addressed personally just to you.  You need to read it like a love letter, not a book.  Substitute your name in the blanks of this verse from    John 3:16-17 – “For God so loved __________________, that He gave His only begotten Son, that if __________________ believeth in Him __________________ should not perish, but have everlasting life.  For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn ___________________; but that ___________________ through Him might be saved.” (Does God love you!)


Look at all this unconditional love for you:

1. What other type of letter speaks of an all-loving God who wants to have an everlasting, personal relationship with everyone?

2. What other story can tell of God stepping out of heaven, take on a human form, and voluntarily take all punishment for man’s offenses?

3. What other God so easily forgives, with no questions asked, through His own Son being an innocent victim – a Lamb of God?

4. What other God steps out of heaven and lives in every person who asks Him to?

5. What other God seats people with Him in heavenly places?

6. What other God does all this and charges nothing for it?

Only the great God of our faith does all this – through His Son Jesus Christ.  Now this truly is unconditional love.  This is the kind of God who lives in you now.  Enjoy this loving friend as you read His love letter to you.  And He reveals this love so well and effectively through the Holy Spirit.


What a joy to have the Holy Spirit living in us.  Don’t abuse this precious gift as many Christians do.  I frequently hear Christians ask one another what their spiritual gifts are. Soon after, they’re all boasting about their spiritual gifts.  (I know because I used to do this.)  This is an insult to the Holy Spirit and the grace of God.  Christians make spiritual gifts, and associate the power of the Holy Spirit to do great things for God, as if this is the Spirit’s primary role.

Well it’s not!  These gifts are secondary.  They are meant only to build up/edify the body of Christ, not to boast about.  Plus, the Spirit distributes the gifts at His own discretion.  (Thank God He does so our pride can’t boast any more already.)  Please stop it if you boast about your gifts.  God is hurt enough already by sin.

Focus your thoughts instead on the PRIMARY ROLE of the Holy Spirit.  I guarantee it will totally free you in your mind.  The primary role of the Holy Spirit is that HE IS THE VERY ESSENCE OF JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF – living in you at this very moment. Can you imagine?  Jesus, God Himself, would step out of heaven to come live in little old you – who probably consider yourself the worst sinner in the world.  Now, that’s grace!

YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO EXPERIENCE JESUS CHRIST EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY DAY FOR THE REMAINDER OF YOUR LIFE.  WOW!  I hope you feel like me right now about this last statement.  I’m so excited at God’s personal love for me that I’m jumping out of my chair right now.  If you don’t feel this joy, you’re definitely living like you’re dead.  Remember: You have the opportunity to experience Jesus Christ every moment of every day for the remainder of your life.  Meditate on this statement over and over so the love of Christ can grow in you.  It has to.  Nothing can ever hold back God’s love and grace for you.

With the reality of experiencing Christ, who would want to settle for anything else?  Christ has laid out a banquet before us, an abundant life.  And this life is Himself.  Why settle for second best when ‘Christ in you’ gives you a daily banquet of abundant life?  Please go for it.  Your victory awaits you.




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