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Prayer Is About Relationship With God

There is this story about a young man who rode his bicycle to market.  Later that evening at home, the man realized he had walked home.  He left his bicycle at the market.

He became very worried and upset at himself.  He needed his bicycle.  It was a necessity.  He stayed up all night praying to God to keep his bicycle safe.

The man wakened early the next morning and quickly went to the market to see about his bicycle.  Lo and behold, it was there.  “God has protected my bicycle,” he exclaimed.  So he rode the bicycle to the nearest church to share this good news of answered prayer.  Upon entering the church, he exclaimed, “Pastor!  Pastor!  I have a testimony to share.”  He proceeded to tell the pastor the story.

The man left church so excited of God’s faithfulness, only to realize that someone had stolen the bicycle that he had left in front of the church.


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2 thoughts on “Prayer Is About Relationship With God

  1. I don’t know if to laugh or cry. This is deep. Great job pal.

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