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INTIMACY WITH GOD – Lessons From BattleCry 2011

I had the privilege of attending my first NYC BattleCry 2011, with 10,000+ youth at the Meadowlands, NJ. It gave me a strong confirmation of what God has always done in my life and the life of youth.

BattleCry is a national movement of hundreds of thousands of teenagers & young adults who, fueled by their Christian faith, are taking a stand against the pop-culture forces contributing to the unprecedented spread of STDs, drug and alcohol abuse, violence, and suicide among their generation.  BattleCry included a weekend event of various musicians and speakers to encourage the youth to live for and grow in Christ.

I appreciate the Lord for growing me through severe depression and to have a maturity in my 32 year Christian walk.  I was so caught up with emotional instability that it took a deep purification of my heart to see myself as God sees me.  CHRIST IN YOU is the solution to every problem.  For Christ to take over one’s life, a deep purification of the heart is necessary.  It will be painful because spiritual heart surgery is occurring.  CHRIST IN YOU is my primary focus as the Lord works through me to help other Christians grow in heart, intimacy with God.

What impressed me most about BattleCry was the maturity the youth were showing as they are grow in their relationship with Jesus. Most youth easily respond to the “emotional” highs that come when THEY experience awesome praise and worship from an event like BattleCry.

However, I have witnessed the maturity of the last few years in those from my Highland Church’s Joshua Generation Youth who attended BattleCry.  They have realized that true growth in Christ goes beyond “emotional” highs.  For many of Joshua Generation that attended, there was a deep quietness and an increase of reverence for who God is.  God is working on their hearts and calling them to deeper intimacy with Him.  They have responded to it.  They enthusiastically praised God in worship and focused on the messages shared.  Amen.

INTIMACY WITH GOD was the central theme that came out of BattleCry.  I encourage all youth reading this to take the primary messages of BattleCry to heart so God can clean away all impurities of your heart.  CHRIST IN YOU can really make your heart His home.

To All Youth, it is in the daily living that the Christian life is lived.  It is not lived on “emotional” highs, though these are a blessing from God when they occur.  However, real life is lived in the daily experiences you go through.  I (and countless older Christians) can attest to this. We all must go through them.  It depends how we respond that makes one a victor or a victim.

If you really want to grow in love and in your relationship with God, deep deep intimacy is a must. It’s when you bring The Christ In You into the midst of your everyday life.  Jesus takes us through all our triumphs and trials.  It is up to you to bring Jesus into it so He can live His life through you.  Deep purification is necessary.  God is only cleaning up your heart for Himself.

Take what I shared to heart.  You already learned this at BattleCry.  Now this deep intimacy must be lived every day.  Embrace reading the Word of God daily, asking the Holy Spirit to make Jesus alive in the words.  Be a friend to a fellow youth you don’t know.  Share God’s love in the simplest of ways with people.  Respect and obey your parents.  Mostly, FLEE SIN.  This is Jesus living through you.


Your growth takes time.  Be patient with yourself.  I assure you your experience in growing with Christ will overwhelm you every day.  His love will consistently become your primary focus.

It is magnificent seeing youth become men and women of God.  I can picture seeing them a few years from now.  The joy and the zeal to be passionate only for Jesus.  I pray they bring Jesus into the midst of their every day life.  It is CHRIST IN THEM that gives them the victory – every day.


  1. Get yourself out of the junkyard of sin.  Give your heart and life to Jesus.  He is whom does the removing.
  2. Remove all the rust.  This occurs from the inside out.  Don’t polish the outside.  Let Christ in you remove and rebuild it on the inside.
  3. Let your new life shine through to others.  CHRIST IN YOU is whom others will see.

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2 thoughts on “INTIMACY WITH GOD – Lessons From BattleCry 2011

  1. Christ In you brother, thanks for the inspiration and unwavering/ constant support and updates

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