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Silence Is Golden

A very dear sister in the Lord asked a very significant question, “How can she apply the life of Christ in her daily Christian walk?” Excellent question!  At first, I paid little attention to it.  However, the Holy Spirit consistently impressed on my heart that I must answer it, and answer very accurately.

One immediate and necessary understanding is to know, convincingly, that it is not a formula.  Yes, to apply the life of Christ daily in a believer’s life must never be made into a formula.

It is a relationship, not a formula.  It is not like a casino slot machine.  It is life – the life of God flowing in you and through you.  It is a two-way open relationship of friends in love.  Both openly communicate to each other.  There is a deep love and mutual respect for each other.  It involves total and complete trust between the two.

Fortunately for us, God is always faithful and trustworthy.  You do not use a formula when communicating with family and intimate friends.  You are yourself.  It is the same in your relationship with Jesus.  Just be you.  Just be, be, and only be. It is like breathing and walking, something done naturally.  You do not go to school to learn to breathe or walk.  Just be you.  Very simple!

The next step is to understand how to communicate.  Communication is never as complicated as people make it.  It is relatively simple.  Just examining, objectively, the art of communication reveals the simplicity of it.  The first principle realized is that one must master the art of listening.  Listening is the most significant and most effective part of any communication.  Listening not only includes what is spoken, but, also the non-verbal forms of body language and tone of voice.  Body language and tone of voice actually comprise at least 90% of the communication process.  It is rarely the words said; it is primarily the tone of voice of the participants and their non-verbal body language, especially eye contact, that is communicated.

Yet, is it not very obvious how we often blow it, and blow it big time?  Is it not obvious why God gave us two ears and one mouth?  We, literally, must train ourselves to do twice as much listening than talking.  We must learn to keep our big mouth zipped, especially when we strongly desire to lash out at someone – to really let him have it.  Only strong edification in the Lord must come forth from our tongues.

Therefore, this sister was basically asking, “How can she listen clearly when she comes into the presence of the Lord?” Again I state – it is not a formula.  It is only a natural state of being, of living.  It is a process you will train and grow into doing 24 hours per day.  I can vouch from personal experience that it is the most exciting time of being a Christian – to minister in intimacy and solitude to the Lord, growing in His love.

Reading the Word of God this pray will yield limitless insight and blessings from the Holy Spirit.  Jesus will be speaking to you one-on-one, person-to-person and you will hear Him well.


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