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My greatest passion is growing closer to the Lord every day.  I want to grow more in love with Jesus every day. As anyone who has this same passion will agree, I have come to realize you learn some things about the Christian life you never expected.  Such is the purpose for this particular blog GENUINE HOLINESS.

When I think of Genuine Holiness, I always think of Jesus – God, perfect, and sinless.  Jesus is the standard to follow.  So to be genuinely holy, just follow Jesus.  This is easier said than done.  Unfortunately, some erroneous teachings have influenced the Body of Christ that attribute holiness to always doing the right thing.  This, actually, has more to do with outward appearance, and less to do with the state of the person’s heart.

I came across the following that hits the nail on the head regarding what constitutes Genuine Holiness.  It is from Major W Ian Thomas.  Read and reflect on it carefully.

“This is why the godliest of men still have lament within them the most terrible potential for evil.  It is the godliest of men who know it best, for it is the acknowledgment of this very fact which is the secret of their godliness.  They have learned, often from bitter experience, that character does not change for the better by improving the flesh, but only by allowing it to be replaced by the Holy Spirit.  Only the Holy Spirit can render its permicious appetites inoperative.”

Think about it:  Genuine Holiness  is the closer you grow to God the more aware you are of how evil your flesh, sin nature really is.  You love the Lord more than anything.  When you see how evil you are in your flesh, it grieves the heart.  You don’t trust yourself for one second.  So the only sensible thing to do is to trust and be more dependent on God more than ever.  You don’t want to sin to hurt God.  This indeed is a genuine sign of Genuine Holiness.

Indwelling sin nature (flesh) is 100% evil to the core. It hates God & always opposes God. Know how evil your flesh is & crucify it daily.


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