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Obedience is surely one of the necessary subjects to understand in the Christian life.  We know that a successful and holy Christian life requires obedience.  So why do so many Christians, myself included, find it easier to be disobedient to God?  Sometimes our most sincerest efforts of obedience backfire.  We blow it and wind up being disobedient to God’s commandments.

One sure reason is what the Bible calls indwelling sin – the flesh.  The apostle Paul is Romans chapter 7 says repeatedly that he cannot do the good he wants to do.  Instead, he did the evil he did not want to do.

This is truth, but I want to state another motive for obedience.  The correct motive for obedience either makes the Christian enjoy the Christian walk or wind up frustrated.

My point is: “What is your primary motivation for being obedient to God?”  Do you “have to” or “want to” be obedient?  Think about it.  If you believe “you have” to be obedient, there is limited chance you will develop an intimate relationship with God.  It become a performance type of acceptance to please God.  It is like a child walking on glass to please his parents because he is told he must obey.

However, if you trust God with your entire life, then the correct motivation is to “want to” to obedient.  Obedience then becomes a joy to do.  I trust God more than anything and He, therefore, knows what’s best for me.  So my desire is to grow in love with Him and trust Him.  When He tells me to avoid sin, it is because He knows how destructive it makes one’s life.  So it makes sense to avoid.

Let your love and trust in God make you “WANT TO” be obedient.  Don’t  live that you “must” be obedient.  Enjoying your walk and relationship with Jesus will be a significant difference.


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