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GROWTH IN ESTHER – – new blog series

I am beginning a new blog study on spiritual growth using the Old Testament book of Esther.  You will see that the series will be invaluable for your Christian growth.  Be encouraged and edified. Enjoy the ride.


Main Lesson From Esther

There are four main characters in the story of Esther.  Each represents an important spiritual part of a Christian’s walk and growth in Christ.  I will explain later the importance of each character, but, for now, just know that each character represents the following:

The Characters Of Esther For Today 

  • King Ahasuerus – the human soul.
  • Queen Esther – the human spirit.
  • Mordecai – the Holy Spirit.
  • Haman – the Adamic, sin nature – the flesh.

God’s plan of salvation (for each person) is through the death and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ.  This correlates in the story of Esther as follows.

Jesus as God, in the person of the Holy Spirit (Mordecai), must inhabit and take up His rightful residence in the Christian.  He does this by communicating and awakening the human spirit (Esther) to gain access to the human soul (King Ahasuerus).  Once the Holy Spirit (Mordecai) does this through the human spirit (Esther), then the Holy Spirit (Mordecai) has the access to direct the human soul’s (King Ahasuerus) mind, thoughts, and will.  Jesus will then be glorified in the Christian.  But, first the Adamic, sin nature of flesh (Haman) must be dealt with.  The flesh (Haman) must be crucified and extinguished daily from the Christian’s life.  This is the story we will now explore in the book of Esther.  God desires to get the wrong person (Haman/flesh) out and get the right person (Mordecai/Holy Spirit) in.  Alleluia!  And ONLY Jesus will be glorified.


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