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A “Blah” Deep Pain In The Heart Type of Day

As the evening ends, it’s interesting as I write this that my day has been one of my least motivated types in a long time.  I was just fine this morning, but as the afternoon rolled on, I just settled into a “funk” that wore my spirit down.

Ever have days like that?

There is little motivation to even be on the computer, to wash dishes, to even pick up the Bible.  However, everything I always share to encourage people in Christ I am simply applying now for myself.  This is where the rubber hits the road.

If Jesus is truly God in my life, I need to stay focused on Him during this dry period. My heart is open to Him.  He has shown me where I have permitted a door for sin.  I gladly repent of it.  This is one of the joys of dry periods in one’s walk with God.  If there was no sin, it is simply God pruning me further.  My sin has led to a good discipline and a genuine repentance.

I am very encouraged in my walk.  Christ in me is taking over more than ever.  Water is found in the valleys, not on the mountains.  Life is lived through the daily challenges and temptations of sin that Satan tempts us with.

Be encouraged also.  Dry, quiet times are necessary times.  If there is sin to be repented of, the Holy Spirit will show you.  Take accountability as I have.  If there is no sin, God is simply rooting His love deeper into you.  He is tearing away any layers of resistance that only He sees.  Rest assured it is CHRIST IN YOU the Father only wants seen.  What could be more enjoyable and fulfilling that that?  AMEN!!!!!


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