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“FOR ME TO LIVE IS MOM” (Part 10 in blog series Growth In The Vine)

“For Me To Live Is Mom” – says the unborn baby

“Abiding” is also similar to the Christian doctrine of Baptism.  Baptism means “to immerse.”  In other words, you immerse yourself as one thing and come out as something else.  You immerse yourself as a sinner, spiritually dead and come out as a child of God.  You are now “abiding in Jesus” and Jesus is “abiding in you.”  You are bound together with Jesus forever.

An excellent analogy of “abiding in Jesus” is the example of an unborn baby in the mother’s womb.  The baby is completely surrounded by water in the amniotic sac.  This usually would cause immediate death by drowning.  However, there is a lifeline connected from the mother to the baby – the umbilical chord.  The baby is totally dependent on her mother for survival.  She is totally dependent on her mother for everything.  If the umbilical chord becomes severed, she would die from drowning.  Without her mother, she becomes nothing.  The baby is “abiding in Mom.”  Mom is “abiding in her daughter.”

We are the baby branches totally dependent on our source of life – Jesus the Vine, Jesus our Lifeline.  Without our life source, we become nothing.  Therefore, for true life:

  • The unborn baby says: “For to me to live is Mom.”
  • The born again branch says, “For to me to live is Christ.”  (Philippians 1:21)

Your faith in Jesus now permits the Holy Spirit to teach you the proper and normal purpose of a branch.  God creates a branch for only one purpose: TO BEAR FRUIT. So, if you, a branch of the Vine (Jesus), are not bearing godly fruit, your primary purpose in life is being wasted.  When people see you, do they see “Christ in you” or “you in you?” Good question.  I recall vividly wasting many years as a Christian branch trying to produce godly fruit for Jesus that only He could produce.  Branches only bear fruit.  They “rest” in total dependency on the life of the vine to flow through them.  Have you ever noticed that branches do not grunt and groan to produce their fruit?  They do not “squeeze” hard determined to force fruit out.  No!  Instead, the branches appear to be more at rest.  They look like they are enjoying life.  They are.  That is because they have an intimate relationship with their life source – the vine.  They are so content in their current situation.  Even when storms of nature hit, they appear very content and relaxed.  It is like they trust the vine so much for life that distractions and storms have minimal effect.  They trust the vine very deeply.  They are “abiding” in the vine.  Unfortunately, many Christian branches do grunt and groan to force fruit out.  Thus, they do the exact opposite of their function as branches.  So they eventually burn out and fall away.  I sure can relate.  Jesus is the Vine, not we.  We are only branches.  May we Christian branches learn this lesson well.  I know I need to.


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