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The Need To Heal A Broken Heart (Youtube video)


This is Part 2 of My Testimony. THE NEED TO HEAL A BROKEN HEART. I share key components of the necessity to permit God to heal the broken heart. This is a key to victory. A MUST LISTEN FOR GROWTH and VICTORY.


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2 thoughts on “The Need To Heal A Broken Heart (Youtube video)

  1. Hello,
    Thankyou so much for your encouraging words. I found your site while going through the comments on your group in AllAboutGod.Net. Cant wait to see your next video to find out how to get the victory over depression.
    I have been battling the feelings you described for many years now. I was and still am to a certain extent insecure and try to please people all the time especially at work, and even if I was appreciated, I always felt unworthy. Although I was saved, my heart was still wounded, and not completely healed. Like you, I tried to hide behind doing good works and believing in God for salvation even if I was not completely sure with my heart.
    I need a change in my life, and kindly request that you pray for me to find purpose and meaning.
    Thankyou so much once again and God bless you.

    • Hi, Nikey.

      I have many other videos and other avenues of information out there on the internet.
      1. Go through this blog, you will see a lot I have written on Victory Over Depression.
      2. Make sure you check out the other Victory Over Depression videos I have put out.
      Here is my youtube website:
      3. I also have a weekly blog, internet radio show called Victory Over Depression. Next Tuesday I begin a series of Victory Over Depression beginning with my testimony. Make sure you listen. If you cannot listen live, you can always replay it anytime or download for podcast.
      Here is the internet, radio show website:
      You can also listen to previous shows. Scroll through the library.

      4. I do a lot of sharing on Facebook and Twitter also. My Facebook name is VictoryOverDepression – one word. Or a simple search should find me.

      Keep your heart open, Nikey. That is how God is able to work. Keep your heart open to His love. What God shares through me is very liberating. I know because I have lived it. The key is JESUS IN YOU. Jesus in you is your victory.

      Stay in touch.
      Bob Bennett

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