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The Significance Of CHRIST IN YOU As Your DAILY VICTORY – Part 3

Before continuing with Part 3, ensure you understand Part 2 about “Striking The Rock” and “Speaking To The Rock.”  This is necessary to understand before going forward. It is vital for CHRIST IN YOU to be your DAILY VICTORY.


Part 3…

Jesus Christ is not on the cross today.  He is risen, resurrected, and residing in all believers.  By speaking the word, Christ will live the Christian life through the believer; because only Christ can live the Christian life.  It is not difficult to grasp this invaluable, spiritual truth.

Viewing this from Moses’ approach, he only lived ½ a gospel by leaving Christ on the cross.  He had the faith to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt; but not the faith to lead them into Canaan.  The sad point is it is the same faith.  No job is ever too big for God.

By living only ½ a gospel, Moses did only ½ a job.  That was Moses’ error.  However, the full, true gospel is the finished work of the death AND resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Therefore, Moses died at a young age (Deuteronomy 34:7 “… he died: his eye was not dim, nor his natural force abated.”) What a sad end to a young life!  Moses died young and was buried in the desert, on the wrong side of Jordan.   He missed the full love and joy of resting in God.

How about you, brethren?  Are you only living ½ a gospel?  By striking the rock, Moses struggled through his own self-effort to produce the resurrected Christian life.  Moses here represents the carnal Christian, the redeemed Christian who, unfortunately, does his best for God through his own self-effort.

Like the children of Israel living in the wilderness, the carnal Christian only walks in circles with his only mindset being the crucified Christ.  He always “confesses and repents” the same sin(s) – even if they are only thoughts.  He answers every altar call laying the sins on the altar (the crucified Christ), but has absolutely no strength to overcome these same sins.  There is no resurrection power of Christ flowing from him, no evidence of the indwelling Christ.  He lives only ½ a gospel – the crucified Christ. The only result is life in the wilderness – dumped in the desert.  How exciting! (Forgive my sarcasm.)  What a very sad place to live!  I confidently say this from my own personal experience of life in the wilderness.

The wilderness is the only place for the carnal Christian to live – dumped in the desert.  He will die there also, just like Moses, unless he permits the Holy Spirit to show him and teach him the full gospel – the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Then he will truly enter the land and rest in the love and grace of God.  This is ordained by God to be the normal Christian life, as God created man to live.

To be continued….


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