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Critical Points: The Significance of CHRIST IN YOU as Your DAILY VICTORY

Part 2 Summary:

It is invaluable to post the important points to know the Significance of CHRIST IN YOU as Your DAILY VICTORY from yesterday’s Part 2 blog.

Read and reflect on them prayerfully.  The Holy Spirit has invaluable messages and lessons to teach you.

1. The story was focused of the Israelites drinking water from the rock.  The apostle Paul shows us that, in spiritual terms, the rock symbolized Christ.

2. Moses struck the rock the first time, as God commanded.  The striking of the rock represents the “Crucified” Christ, who was struck and put to death for all our sins.

3. Moses struck the rock twice the second time, as God did NOT command.  He was to speak to the rock.  Speaking to the rock represents the “Resurrected” Christ.  Rivers of living water will flow from us as we speak the Word of God.

4. So spiritually speaking, Moses left Christ on the cross by striking the rock instead of speaking to it.

The last paragraph sums it up well.

Water did come out abundantly when he struck the rock twice. However, it was only sustaining water, not satisfying. Why? Because they were still living in the wilderness. Water in the wilderness only sustains the carnal Christian to hang in there, to give his best of self-effort for Jesus. Water in the land (Canaan) totally satisfies the Christian who has entered because he enters into the rest and love of Christ. He rests from all His self-effort. His rest now becomes the activity of Christ through him. It is an active rest in His activity, far from a passive rest.


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