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“d”epression Came To My House – by Ed Shagott

“d”epression Came To My House

“d”epression came to my house
And said, “I think I’ll stay a while.
One of the many tasks I’ll do
is take away all the smiles.

I will rob them of their happiness
and take away all their joy.
It will not matter who it is
either a girl or a boy.

The longer they let me stay,
the harder it will be for me to leave.
I will take away all their pride
and in failure they will believe.”

But I said, “Not so fast there little “d”,
with me you will not tame,
and for all others in this house
I claim them in Jesus name.

Right now you may think you’re winning,
but soon I know you will lose.
The victory is in Jesus Christ,
once all the others decide to choose.

E. P. Shagott
God’s Love Outreach Ministry


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2 thoughts on ““d”epression Came To My House – by Ed Shagott

  1. Jana Whatley on said:

    Hi Thanks for sharing. I’m glad that there is victor over depression


    • Hi, Jana.

      Glad to share. I pray you continue to be blessed. Victory Over Depression takes time and is very painful, but magnificently rewarding. It goes so deep to the broken heart. That is where my victory has come from. I believe it is only possible with Jesus Christ.

      God bless you.

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