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Reality Of Depression, BUT GOD’S FAITHFULNESS

You do not wake one morning and become depressed.  Depression is a process that you grow into.  It usually involves a chain or series of events that have worked adversely against you.  For whatever the reasons and events, you reacted in a negative, self-pitiful way.  You felt very sorry for yourself.  You frequently asked, “Why me?”  “Why do bad things always happen to poor me?”

Yes, poor little old you!  The whole world is against you.  You behave as if you are the only one in “your” world who suffers.  You are so full of “self”-pity.  My apologies for being candid and direct with you; I must be.  For if you do not see yourself as full of flesh in your depression (full of “self” in your pity), how can Jesus begin to change your thought process?  Once again I state thought process because depression is really only in your mind.  It is only your reactions to adverse circumstances that lead you into depression.  Adverse circumstances do not cause your nature; they only reveal the evil that already exists within you. If you respond negatively to adverse circumstances, you will drown in self-pity more and more.  If you respond positively in the Lord, He will gradually grow you through and above your circumstances.  (You can react positively in the flesh.  But, then you would only have a puffed-up ego, full of self-praise that you are a self-made positive thinker.  You will be so absorbed about you.)

It is not easy to change thought patterns; it takes God’s time.  It is a growth process that is done ONLY one step at a time.  It is a gentle process.  Fortunately, the Lord is always gentle with you.  Depression is like being locked in a prison cell.  The prison cell though is internal – in your heart and mind.  Jesus now wants to gently prepare your release and begin your rehabilitation.  But, He needs your cooperation.  He will not be able to totally release you if you do not want to be.  Jesus asks you the same question He asked the infirm man (John 5:1-18) at the Bethesda pool in Jerusalem, “Do you want to be healed?”  Visualize Jesus directly asking you, “Do you want to be healed and set free?”  Just have the strong desire to be free.  He will prepare the rest for you.

Philippians 1:6 “Being confident of this very thing, that He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.”

Regardless of how depressed you are, one thing is certain – life will go on, with or without you.  Depression truly stigmatizes you, shutting you away from normal life.  You must be very honest with yourself.  Be prepared to stop living in denial regarding your depression.  Only you will know when you are ready to acknowledge your depression.  You will be courageous enough to look yourself directly in the mirror and admit you have depression.  This day will indeed be a big breakthrough in Christ.  Can you picture yourself looking directly in the mirror and facing your depression?

In addition to not only becoming tired of it and living its lie, you are now prepared to be totally abandoned to Jesus to begin His process to change you and your way of thinking.  Congratulate yourself; this is the narrow road to Calvary.  Be prepared for Jesus’ love to gently and gradually overwhelm you.  Just look for Him in your heart.  Jesus is preparing to train you to make tough mind decisions so you can grow through your depression and more into His love.  Yes, He is training you to now be mentally tough and ferociously persistent in Him.

Remember well: tragedies and adverse circumstances occur to everyone.  It is your response that really matters.  Your response shows your real heart motives.  How often do I want to respond immediately in anger and impatience when an adverse circumstance occurs?  This is my flesh at work.  However, if I take a step back and look objectively at the circumstance, I will respond in the Spirit, with gentleness, patience, and love.  Always look at a person’s (especially your own) secondary response.  Be patient with the first abrupt, subjective one.

There is definitely 100% Victory Over Depression through Jesus Christ.


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4 thoughts on “Reality Of Depression, BUT GOD’S FAITHFULNESS

  1. Delores rendon on said:

    I wish i had known all of this when i was going thru a bad depression i was so depress that I made everyone around me miserable i was not happy and i wanted everyone around me to not be happy until someone told me if you do not have Jesus in your life you will alway be depress and i seek Jesus when i start feeling a little depress i talk to Jesus and it goes away i go no depression for me.

  2. Realizing the slow progression of a great fall is hard when you are in the waves and billows of it. Our GOD is wise to tell us to press toward a mark… in other words to keep your eyes on that mark as you move.. THE mark of JESUS CHRIST. … I am amazed at how HIS WORDs offer so much protection in our lives.

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