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The Via Dolorosa

The Via Dolorosa (The Way Of Suffering)

The Via Dolorosa is the name given to the Jerusalem road that Jesus carried His cross on the way to His death.  The Via Dolorosa is translated from the Latin as “The Way Of Suffering.”  Another name for this road is “The Way Of The Cross.”

The Via Dolorosa is an appropriate name for this road.  The Christian life is to follow Jesus.  Often Jesus will lead us down the road of suffering.  The Via Dolorosa cannot be avoided.  One cannot go around the cross in order to experience the resurrection.  One cannot avoid the pain and sufferings of ordinary life associated with the cross.  Yet, so many turn away from the road of love Jesus mapped out.  Pride blinds so many.  Fortunately, Jesus never gives up on you, whether you are Christian or not.  He continues to exhibit the depths of His love for you.  Jesus will accompany you through many Via Dolorosas.

Jesus carried the heavy weight and burdens of all our sins and sufferings on His shoulders.  His cross was to bear it all.  His bloody and beaten body dragged the heavy cross across the rocky roads of The Via Dolorosa.  At times, the weight of our sins was too heavy for Him.  Three times the weight of our sins drove the heavy cross down onto Jesus and crushed Him into the dirt.

The soldiers escorting Him continued to beat Him.  The sorrow and crushed heart of Jesus continued to long for our hearts.  Our precious Savior continued to suffer horrendously on our behalf.  Genuine love keeps no record of the weight that wears one down.  Genuine love keeps no record of wrongs when one is about to lay down one’s life for another.  The death of Jesus on our behalf is imminent.


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2 thoughts on “The Via Dolorosa

  1. I remember hearing not to long ago, a female Christian artist singing this song, Via Dolorosa, in spanish, as well as in english. I was moved to tears, never hearing what this song meant. And then tonight, as you have shared this blog, it makes me tear up yet agian, at how very far my Lord carried the Cross with my sin.. So, so humbled… thank you for sharing this, brother.

    • Yes, Karen. I added a youtube video of the Sandi Patti version set to clips of The Passion Of The Christ. It is very moving. Part of it is in Spanish.

      I know that if you do a search on youtube you will probably find the full Spanish version. I’m gonna look too.

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