Victory Over Depression Blog

(Healing & Victory Through Jesus Christ)


Only one word can accurate explain the exceeding & abundant provisions God has for you.

That one word is a person – a living person.

That one word became flesh like you and me. He actually once lived as a man clothed in a human body like yours.

That one word died 2000 years ago so He can live in you now.

That word gave up His life in death as man so He can share His life in you as God.

That one word permits you to live miraculously with the only obvious explanation being God living in you.

That one word permits you to be a physical expression (through sight, sound, touch, hearing, & walking) of an invisible, living God – the Holy Spirit residing in man.

That word permits you to make decisions that only exhibit the intimate & very deep love God has for you.

Yes, that Word is JESUS.

No wonder it is exceedingly and abundantly FOREVER.  What a truly magnificent God!  He offered for you His one & only Son, Whom He loved so very dearly.  He offered Him so God can reside again in His creation.


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