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Reflection Of Jesus Suffering So Depression Can Be Gone

God wants to draw you closer to the heart of Jesus.  This will help Him grow you through whatever depression, trial, darkness, etc. you are going through.


So permit this video IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL and the following blog – reflections of Jesus’ sufferings in prison on our behalf so you can rejoice in the midst of what you are going through.  Keep your eyes on Jesus.

In Prison

Alone and locked in prison, the soldiers continued to beat Jesus.  They struck His face and body repeatedly.  His precious blood poured forth more heavily.  We can only imagine His swollen, puffed-up eyes, the deep pain, and the anguish of His heart that Jesus was experiencing at this time.  Yet, Jesus drew all the more strength to go forward.

He continually shows His love for us during His sufferings.  Yet, we often leave Him alone in the prison cell of our hearts or never permit Him to enter at all.  Jesus hungers to comfort us, but we do not comfort Him because of the anxieties of life.  Jesus always waits for us in solitude.  May our hearts at least gaze upon Him in the pain and sorrow of His prison cell.

A remnant of Christians does follow Jesus in His sufferings.  This is what I pray to be more like.  If I am beaten, ill-treated, and maligned because I am a Christian, I want to unite my sufferings with Jesus’ sufferings.  My love for Him pushes me closer to Him.  My love for Him teaches me to love those who persecute me.

In the deep prison cell of my heart, I find peace with Jesus.  He is my peace.  He is my solitude.  I find His cross there for me.  In my weakness of shame and nakedness, His perfection shines through.  His mercy, grace, and love are far greater than all my sins.

I see the nails pounding His hands and feet.  I see the spear piercing His side.  I see His dripping blood continuously washing my sins away.  I see Jesus, the Lamb of God, for me crucified.  I can only stand in amazement that Jesus did this for me.  Though His face is beaten beyond recognition, there is a deep peace within me.  It is well with my soul.  I offer my sufferings to God the Father for the wounds others commit against His Son Jesus.


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4 thoughts on “Reflection Of Jesus Suffering So Depression Can Be Gone

  1. thanks for sharing this post.. oh how it was a ministry in itself to me tonight.. some physical challenges right now are keeping me from being where I want to be , but I know God is victorious even over physical illness.. I am just asking Him to continually open the prison door of my heart , so I can be upfront and honest with Him about all that I am feeling insdie right now, instead of hiding behind the frustration and anger like I normally would do. He wants my honesty, nothing more, nothing less…

  2. I am dealing with family sickness and recently started reflecting on his suffering only to feel inner peace @ once. I came across this site after looking to see if others had also, it really does work

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