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Satan Is Petrified of “Jesus In You”

Satan was defeated at Calvary and cannot come near Jesus.  Satan is petrified of Jesus.  Therefore, Satan is petrified of “Jesus in you.”  I recommend you constantly focus and enjoy fellowship with “Jesus in you.”  “Jesus in you” will so absorb your time with His love that you will not even have time to think about Satan.  As you focus more on Jesus, Satan cannot come near you because He must deal with “Christ in you.”

Stay close to the heart of Jesus.  Satan will try to come against you, especially through other Christians.  If your eyes are off Jesus, you become more gullible to Satan’s trap.  When your eyes are on Jesus, Satan will see you more aware of “Jesus in you.”  He will then need to flee.  The Lord definitely fights our battles.  He calls us simply to “rest in Him” and His love for us.

Staying close to the heart of Jesus also guarantees Satan cannot use us to thwart or come against other Christians.  We are not always receptive victims.  We can easily become blind, spiritual perpetrators for Satan.


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5 thoughts on “Satan Is Petrified of “Jesus In You”

  1. Your words are so true. Jesus is so awesome! When we are in Christ and He is in us, Satan cannot even get to us except He come through our Savior first. Behold the Lamb of God which takes away the sins of the world. All we have to do is keep our focus upon Jesus.

  2. Brother, what a powerful God we have when it comes to healing, of any kind. Growing up where the enemy was not an enemy to our family, I saw first hand, literally, the games, and the lies and the wounds that sacrificing ones self to Satan brings about. Literally saw how Satan took my entire family, and others, only to cause 3 generations to be led in spiritual untruth.
    I know , because of where Jesus found me, that HE is God, and HE is Lord, and HE is not aftraid of Satna, or his little mind games.. I am a believer in Christ, a follower of Christ, a devoted servant of Christ, and this is who I am.. Satan will play all the games he wants with me, and believe me, he does.. Yet, I have grabbed onto the Thread of Hope, Jesus Christ, and I have been on the ride of a lifetime now that He has begun His healing in me ..
    Thnka you brother, for sharing as you have here on your blog. Powerful stuff you have written in these few blogs so far.. I look forward to reading more, and hoppefully encouraging you , by sharing my own blog.. DJ and Mel, by the way , have been great encouragers for me to even write.. Long story of healing, but God has blessed me with true friends in their frienship..
    karen from

    • Awesome post, thanks.

      I like your name “Thread of Hope” AMEN. Makes me think of Christ in me – the hope of glory. He holds onto us and will never let go. Awesome too about DJ and Mel. Blessed people who so love the Lord. Meeting them in person is so easily to see Christ in them.

      • I was able to have lunch with Mel back in June, when I was visiting in Arkansas .. Just such an awesome woman!! I also was in Ark 3 years ago, where DJ was doing a Friday night choir retreat concert thing, and even though I had no inkling who he was, or anything about his music, I was so moved by his story of scars , and his testimony.. That began 3 years ago, of my falling deeper in love with my Jesus.. AND, Dennis encouraged me thru many, many painful experiences , to begin writing – having read some of my poetry.. The Thread of Hope name began my blog because he had written his allegorical ministry piece, Thread of Hope, after hearing parts of my childhood experiences.. Dennis is the catalyst, and inspiration for me to keep on blogging, and sharing my faith , and testimony of walking out of the darkness of satan’s grip .. Our God is an Awesome God, brother, for sure!!
        Keep writing! I look forward to coming back here and reading!

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