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Victory Over Struggles & Burn Out

For many years I struggled to overcome many areas of my Christian walk.  One of them was severe, clinical depression.  If Jesus died for my sins, why was I struggling for many years as a depressed Christian?  Even answering many altar calls, repenting daily, and rebuking Satan, I still struggled with depression. The depression symptoms consisted of a daily fear and insecurity, continuous tears crying myself to sleep, and avoidance of any type of stress or conflict.

How can you relate to what I experienced?  The Christian life for many can easily be a life of drudgery, burn out, and failure.  Instead, the Christian life should be a life of joy, abundance, and victory.

Why do so many Christians struggle in their Christian walk?  Why do so many burn out and walk away?  The answer, which I can testify personally to, is that they do not, for whatever reason, let Jesus live His life through them.  Many Christians simply do not know how to let Jesus live through them.  Many, in fact, rarely understand it at all.  Many do not know how to “rest in Jesus.”

I lived like the following mindset.  If Jesus came to give me abundant life, why did I continue to live depressed, disappointed, and lifeless?  That was the question I repeatedly asked myself.

Basically, I was born again into a new life in Christ, but I was living as though I was spiritually dead.  I tried to live the Christian life on my own.  No wonder my life was full of death and depression.  I did not know how to let Jesus live His life through me.  I did not know how to really “rest in Jesus.”  When Jesus died, my depression died with Him.  It was buried with Him in His tomb.  When Jesus rose from the dead, He left my depression dead and buried forever.

God was viewing my depression as dead.  He needed to train me (to renew my mind) to see it as dead also.  As long as I continued to focus on my “dead” depression, I actually was making it come “alive” in my mind.  No wonder my Christian life was failing.  No wonder depression overwhelmed me.  I was looking at “dead” things that God was not looking at.  God cannot lead one to victory who continues to focus on “dead” things.  A “dead” corpse does not need help.  A “dead” corpse needs life – God’s life in it.  I was looking at “dead” things that God was not looking at.  God looks at life, specifically His life in Jesus.  When God sees His born again child, He sees His Son Jesus.

I had now begun to realize that the resurrected life of Jesus in me was to be my total victory.  I needed to learn how to apply “Jesus in me” by faith into my daily life.  I was learning to “rest in Jesus.”  One thing about the Christian life is that God has made it simple: Everything is summed up and fulfilled in Jesus.  As I continued to focus on “Jesus in me” as my solution, it would only be natural to expect victory over depression.  It would take time because Jesus needed to deal gently with the deep pains in my heart.  I was now crucifying daily the “dead” parts of my life so the life of Christ could grow in me more.  It would take time and be very painful.  However, that is what crucifixion causes – death.  The reward comes afterwards in the joyful experience of the resurrected life of Jesus alive in me.


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8 thoughts on “Victory Over Struggles & Burn Out

  1. Bob this is really a great article! I experience a great tragedy that brought me down to the backside of the well. That experience instilled in me a great desire to know God, which got me into religion up to my neck. Finally, the Lord put me through a 5 year detox center on religion. I believe pain is a part of the grooming plan so we can see Him as our life. (1 Cor. 2:2) This verse is me now, because of my religious experiences. My focus is honing in on the bulls eye, because of the 40 years in the wilderness experience. Keep sending your articles; love them. Hope to read some of your books in the future.

    God Bless you brother in Christ Jesus.

    • Rick, you raise an excellent point. Often through tragedy does God really get our attention. Not that He caused it or planned it, but things that go to the core of our heart sort of freeze us to look at the big picture. That occurs to everyone. God tries it everyday. Sadly many don’t stop to see God as the big picture. Keep it coming also.

      BTW, this blog is from a book I am currently working on titled Jesus, The Man Who Is God’s Heart.

      Blessings in Him,

  2. Wonderful post, ministered mightily. Thank you, brother in Christ. Be blessed!!!

  3. Thought provoking snippet. Having just come through a bout with depression, I can attest to what you are saying. I was focused on “dead” things while God Himself was looking in another direction altogether.

    How gracious of Him to use you to reveal this to me.

    Be His.


  4. Johann Grobler on said:

    Last night I listened to a recorded mesage on the Cross by Warren Litzman where he stressed that everything that was part of the old man died on the cross. Here you confirm this truth by showing how your depression was dead, although you gave it “life” in your mind by your thinking. I think it is, coupled with the reality that the indwelling Christ is my only life, a topic that I should meditate on every now and then. In my case, it’s probably not depression, but rather some habitual patterns of negative and legalistic thinking, that poluttes my mind. But it is also re-assuring to know that He who started a good work in us, will finish it…
    Thank you for the insight and experience shared with us.

    • Great to hear, Johann. Yes, the reality of the indwelling Christ in the solution to everything. I am delighted the Holy Spirit in you will continue to grow you closer to the heart of Christ, especially within you.

      He initiates. He completes. He works. All Him in us. Simple, correct thought patterns of Jesus living in us to live through us.

      Thanks for sharing.

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