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(Healing & Victory Through Jesus Christ)

Victory Over Depression inaugural blog

Welcome, Everyone.  My name is Bob Bennett.  This is my very first blog post.

Pray with me that Jesus Christ be glorified in every post and every word of this blog.  For it is His blog,


Jesus Christ is Victory Over Depression.  Jesus Christ is Victory Over Everything.

For those who don’t know, Jesus Christ has grown me through very severe depression.  I will be sharing the truths on this blog so others can experience the freedom of having a personal relationship with Jesus.

I welcome all comments.  I will look at them objectively.

Thanks for stopping by.  God bless you.

Bob Bennett


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16 thoughts on “Victory Over Depression inaugural blog

  1. Bob, am I your first blogger? I have never done this before. Very cool. Thanks for all you do and sasy.

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging, Bob. Looking forward to the testimonies and good Word you’ll share.

  3. Rob
    I was interested in your journey through depression. Would it be possible for you to e-mail me so I can get an understanding of what you went through? Thank you
    I will be eternally grateful for your reply.

  4. Brother, Blessings on your first blog post! One thing I have learned, and greatly am encouraged by, is this.. when praying over the blog start, as your prayer was, expect the Lord to minister to your heart, as you have begun to share with others. I never realized that the very prayer I spoke, as I laid hands on my own computer the day I began my blogsite, would be used by the Lord in the way that has been done. People hurting come, people seeking more of Him, come.. HE even comes, when I think He is not there.. So, bvrother, I am joining others in praying for you as you begin this journey, however many days past that is has been since you started posting. Our God is faithful to lead others to your writing, and transparency – and what an awesome time of ministry, and hope to your soul, as well as others..

    • Thanks, Karen. I join in prayer for Christ working through you also.

      That’s the key – JESUS. Before I write, I reflect often on Psalm 45:1 “My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.” Jesus is the writer through us. So as I focus on Christ in me, it’s easier for Him to author the words that flow.

      God bless.

      • SO very True, brother!! I love that verse.. and I love being a tool for the Lord to use, to speak encouragement, healing, truth, and whatever else He needs to use to speak to those lost, and hurting, or needing a boost of faith.. Even when I am down, and not feeling like He is using me, it never seems to amaze me, how many people end up contacting me thanking me for the exact words that they have needed to hear..
        He uses those who are avaliable to Him – as you are.. keep going the distance, brother, keep on going! and like DJ says, ” just sayin’ ” 🙂

  5. searchingforfaith on said:

    I came across your blog off another website–i too blog–thanks for taking the time to share your stories on depression, and views through HIM–i struggle with both and looking forward to reading your blog and updates.

    • I’m glad you were blessed. That’s Christ in us. Yes, that’s the ministry the Lord is calling me to now. I am only to point people to Him. Thanks. If you like, connect with me on facebook There is alot more there I have shared.

  6. Hi
    Tools and techniques and products they may assist with depression and moving beyond.
    Even if one part of this article helps,It is another step forward.
    Hope this helps.

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